Foundry acquires Stryx

Foundry acquires Stryx

Dallas, TX - Foundry, a brand platform that acquires, nurtures, and grows online brands, has recently acquired the assets of Stryx Men, Inc., a pioneering men's cosmetic brand that helps men be their most confident and comfortable selves. This strategic acquisition will enable Foundry to further expand its growth in the rapidly growing men's personal care industry.

Since its establishment in 2019, Stryx has become one of the leading men's cosmetic brands, receiving critical acclaim from several media outlets, including ABC's Shark Tank. With a dedicated following of hundreds of thousands of customers, Stryx has gained a reputation for its high-quality, performance-driven products, designed exclusively for men.

Foundry, which already boasts a portfolio of disruptive brands, including Supply, is looking forward to reinforcing its presence in the personal care industry. The acquisition of Stryx aligns perfectly with Foundry's vision of enriching people's lives through innovative and well-crafted brands.

Hendre Ackermann, CEO of Foundry, expressed his excitement at bringing Stryx into the Foundry family, stating that "Stryx's commitment to creating cosmetic and skincare products that cater to the needs of men perfectly aligns with our brand philosophy of enriching people’s lives."

Patrick Coddou, Co-Founder & Brand Manager of Supply, commented on the acquisition, "Stryx is a natural fit for us. With Stryx on board, we can continue to address the personal care challenges that men face every day by providing them with the best products in the market."

Stryx Men's Personal Care

Foundry understands and appreciates the dedication, hard work, and sweat equity founders put into building a brand. Their integration team works closely with founders to ensure a smooth transition and that we honor the work and origins of the brand.

Devir Kahan, CEO of Stryx, expressed his satisfaction with the acquisition, stating that "It's bittersweet to sell a brand that you've poured your heart and soul into for many years. Still, I am proud of what we have accomplished at Stryx and excited to see it enter its next phase under Foundry's guidance. The Foundry team is exceptionally professional, a pleasure to work with, and ideally positioned to steer the brand towards a successful future."

With this acquisition, Foundry continues to solidify its position as a brand platform delivering products that are tailored to customers' needs and preferences. The Foundry team looks forward to the integration process and continuing to develop new and innovative products that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of men and women everywhere.

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